Can You Protect Yourself Against Equipment Failure?

 When your equipment breaks down, three things will happen. First, your food production will fall. Second, labour costs will increase. Third, you will lose money either in lost food production or higher labour costs. In the end some repair company will give you a bill.

You cannot prevent Breakdowns

You are probably not going to believe this coming from a service company like Action but here is Rule One…You cannot prevent breakdowns no matter what type of equipment service program you have in place.

For some food service operator’s equipment is repaired only when it breaks down. This is the most common form of equipment maintenance.

Others, employ some form of periodic equipment checks on all their cooking, processing, steam, ware washing, and refrigeration equipment. This shotgun approach might be more effective but it is costly.

So, How can I Reduce my Maintenance Costs?

Step 1: Schedule Your Maintenance

The critical equipment in your operation will be different. Some equipment breakdowns are not important and you carry on with business. Core or critical equipment breakdowns will affect the operation of your business. Depending on your operation be it fine dining, sports bar, hospital, long term care, hotel, school cafeteria, day care, golf club, or QSR the core or critical equipment will be different. STEP ONE…identify your core or critical equipment. We can help with that process…give Action a call.

STEP 2: Use Your Own Staff

Some simple repairs can be done by your own staff. If you have a facilities department Action can work with them to identify additional in-house services. Give Action a call.

STEP 3: GIVE ACTION A CALL 905-475-1499

So far this has not cost you a dime and you can stop here OR you can learn more about Scheduled Maintenance and how you can use it as a tool to forecast equipment replacement.

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